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What's Missing from Your Wardrobe?

By: Mary Reed Published: 04/08/2020 Categories: Planning, Wardrobe, SewDoIt, Designing

We’ve been doing a lot of reviewing in this process so far. First, we looked at what we currently have, both to decide what to keep as well as what to give away. Then, we looked at what projects we’d already started and what we wanted to try to finish. Next, we thought about our core style and what we felt comfortable in wearing. Finally, we reviewed our stash of fabric as well as our stash of patterns.

After all that, we’re ready to start laying out a plan for what we want to make with all the pieces we have now. Today’s question is this: What’s missing from our wardrobe? However we answer that question, the answers will be in one of two categories: what we know we’re missing and what we don’t know we’re missing. That might sound odd, but one thing that is fun about clothes is that sometime something totally unexpected can become a favorite piece to wear. Trying things on in a fitting room is a quick way to find that out, but what’s the equivalent when we’re sewing? The answer: croquis and experimentation!

Over the course of the next few days, I’m going to cover the aspects of a garment we can explore to help find different looks or garments that might be a new favorite. Each day we’ll look at the pieces and play with them on a croquis as well as in a little fabric, if we want to.

Today, we’re going to stay a little easier. The first part of this question is the part about what we know is missing. Sometimes you’ve got a nearly perfect outfit, but it just needs a _____. This blank is what we know will get worn and we know will give us variety in our wardrobe. While list may or may not be exciting, it’s usually stuff that’s going to get a lot of love. It’s a great place to start on this list and get a couple items that might be super helpful to make.

To think of things that would help make your list, you can review the “sometimes wear” items from your closet review. Is there anything you can make that would make any item more wearable? What about more than one item?

Feel free to dream a little and have fun deciding what could really help your closet!

Now go forth and #sewdoit

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