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Stash Review: Fabric

By: Mary Reed Published: 04/06/2020 Categories: Planning, Wardrobe, SewDoIt

While I enjoy all of the aspects of sewing, I admit that there are a few things that are maybe more of a favorite than others. Like many sewists, fabric is my love language! I love to feel it and see it, and, yes, honestly, sometimes pet it. :)

Since fabric is the key to a coordinating wardrobe, it’s time to go through your stash and see what colors are brining you joy right now. While I have a core color group that I tend to lean towards, jewel tones!, I find that I connect with different palettes at different times. Sometimes I’m in a peaceful season and want more of a neutral/blue color way. Sometimes I’m feeling energized with my life and want brighter colors.

Even with all the variety, I still tend to choose colors that are similar in nature because, in the end I’m still just one person with varying moods. For me, I’m almost always in the blue family. If it isn’t, sometimes I struggle to know how to include it. In this case, if there’s some fabric that was exciting but is now just out of place, I’ll consider donating it so it can bring joy to someone else’s stash.

I think, since this is mostly for personal fun and joy, I’m not too worried about color theory and that sort of thing. However, if you’re feeling stuck and wanting some help and direction and colors, there are a lot of fantastic resources on picking a palette. For a detailed view of the designer process, you can review Smashing Magazine’s article on it. Seamwork magazine has a great article on color palettes

I hope these resources help you. Please don’t feel like you need to find the “right” fabric, just the one that’s for right now. :)

Aside from color, time of year is another factor into what fabrics I consider as well. I’ve got a gorgeous sweater knit that I’m dying to sew up, but it wouldn’t get worn at all. I want to spend my time right now sewing things that I can wear immediately (yes, I’m impatient :)), not 6 months down the road. Heading into summer (hello, fellow Northern Hemisphere folks!), I want lighter weight and cooler options.

Now some of you might be thinking, shouldn’t you know what pattern you want to make so you know what type of fabric you’re needing? Yes. And no. Sometimes, the fabric tells me what it wants to me. Right now, I’ve got a teal and white floral knit that needs to be a maxi dress. :)

However, sometimes, a pattern will speak to you and you want to just pull some fabric for it. We’ll talk about patterns more tomorrow, so for now, just note fabrics that are speaking to you to determine which ones are on your short list to include for now. You can always come back to get something else if you find a pattern that needs some fabric.

Okay, let the fabric fun begin! #sewdoit

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