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Sewing in April: WIP's and UFO's

By: Mary Reed Published: 04/03/2020 Categories: Planning, Wardrobe, SewDoIt

Filling our wardrobe with new projects is fun, particularly at the beginning when we imagine that everything is going to work perfectly and we’ll bust through the project in no time at all! Then, we start sewing. Sometimes, we do get something cranked out, but sometimes, we don’t. Whether something didn’t work out in the construction, or it just didn’t fit right, sometimes we have half finished projects around.

WIP’s (works in progress) and UFO’s (unfinished objects) are in all our sewing rooms. Some people more than others *cough* me! *cough*, but most of us have at some point set aside a project because of frustration or distraction. Now is the time to do a quick review and see if any of them are still relevant to work on.

When you’re looking through your projects, ask yourself three questions: 1, is it still worth working on? 2, does it still fit in my wardrobe plan? 3, why did I quit working on it? The answers to these three question will determine if you are going to include these in your current sewing plan.

If a project isn’t bringing joy, and sewing is your hobby, sometimes it’s okay to let it go. While it can be disheartening to toss something that you’ve put time and money in, for the sake of the fun of your hobby, it can be freeing to not worry about finishing it. It is hard to give ourselves permission to throw out a project without feeling like we’ve failed somehow. If you’re someone like that (I am!), then I hereby give you permission to sew for joy and for fun! Throw those projects out!

If you think it’s still worth your time, the next question is if it’s something that fits with your wardrobe now. Depending on when you started it, it might not be the right season or in the color scheme your feeling right now. That’s okay. It’s waited this long; it can wait till the right time if you want it to.

Finally, you need to be honest about why you quit working on it. Don’t worry about doing anything about it right now, but make a note about where you got stuck. When you do come back to it, you can face the piece of head on and tackle that at the beginning when you have the mental energy. Then, you’ll be able to get past the sticking point and on the fun of getting it done and wearing it.

Now we’ve got a list of projects that will help us complete our wardrobe and, bonus!, are partially done already. Celebrate that little win!

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