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Week in Review: 04-12-2020

By: Mary Reed Published: 04/12/2020 Categories: Personal Note, Project Update, Week in Review

I didn’t do much sewing this week. I’ve been trying to find my sewjo, but it’s lost pretty badly right now. I though making masks would help as it would be productive and try to deal with some of the insanity. I found, instead, it just reminded me of the weirdness and stress and I didn’t find joy in it. I made some as way to give back to though who need it, though, I just couldn’t find it as a way to soothe my own thoughts.

However, I was still decently productive in that I cleaned my sewing room/basement! It’s been such a mess with moving sewing rooms, the basement flooding, the HVAC system going out, having a baby, having a surgery, a death in the family, finding a job, losing a job, and finding another job, all in the last year or so. Whew, writing all that out still stresses me! Anyway, I start my (newest) new job on Wednesday, and I hope to find some stability and normalcy. It’s going to be such a relief to have a clear open sewing area to go to de-stress (or just to avoid the kids… let’s be honest). Maybe I’ll even get some of the stalled UFO’s out of there.

I did some coding on the pattern generator engine, but I think I tore out as much code as I added. I’m excited about the rewrite, but it’s a little slow going right now as I try to find a smoother way to get the sloper to pattern processes coded. I’m so close to having something I can taste it, but it’s still not ready yet. I’m not ready to put a time line on it either, as some core pieces still need to be fleshed out.

As a part of the wardrobe series, I got out some designs I’d been sketching (a couple posts on that coming up!) which was a fun thing to dig out. I’m not a great sketcher, but I do find that drawing out a design helps to clarify which pieces of it I really like. I’m looking forward to this week’s topics as this part might just be my favorite part of the design process.

Plans for next week for the blog and the coding are minimal due to starting a new job. I’ll be a nervous wreck, so alot of my time and energy will be going toward that, as it should. Hopefully, I’ll have more of an update next week. See you then!

Happy Easter!

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