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Exploring style: Texture and Embellishments

By: Mary Reed Published: 04/15/2020 Categories: Planning, Wardrobe, SewDoIt, Designing

We’ve spent the last couple of days practicing drawing on our fashion croquis and also practicing drawing different silhouettes. While drawing is the best way to get an idea out of your head, there’s other aspects of clothing that you can experiement with. For example, colors are something that we usually have a core set of colors that we automatically reach for. Instead of sticking with your tried-and-true, you could branch out into different colors and color combinations.

Try creating a color mood board. You could make this in person with pictures and things you find or cut out, or you could do a board on Pinterest, or some other digital way. Whatever way is easy and allows you to see all the pictures at once will work. Find color combinations that make you feel excited, or calm, or confident. What part of your wardrobe could you bring these colors into?

Another way to bring variety into your style is through texture. Many fabrics are smooth, but not all. Try some cabled sweater knit, or some jacquard wovens. There’s seersucker or swiss dot. All of these fabrics have different textures and will have a very different look when you wear them. Often, a more textured a fabric pairs beautifully with a very simple silhouette. The fabric can really shine (literally, if there’s sequins!) with simple design lines.

Embellishments is a way to bring a lot of unique design to a piece of clothing. Each person loves different embellishments, so there’s never a wrong answer, just the one that’s right for you! Some people love embroidery and make their items a work of stitched art. Others prefer buttons or piping or pin tucks. Maybe, you want a combination of several different things. Whatever your preference, a common item can become unique and express your personal style by adding a touch of your favorite embellishments. Go wild!

Explore your personal style and see what texture and embellishments make your heart sing! #sewdoit!

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