Mary, Owner of Fitting BeautifullyHello! I’m Mary, owner of Fitting Beautifully. I love sewing! I love the beautiful fabrics and the expression of creating my own styles. There’s nothing like getting a compliment on a garment that you’ve made yourself!

Part of what makes sewing for yourself or your loved ones specialĀ is being able to get a garment that fits so much better than anything off the rack. Getting a good fit can be a challenge, but is so important for the success of the final product.

Fitting Beautifully patterns are based on your personal measurements. The patterns are drafted specifically for you and you alone. There’s never an adjustment done or any tweaking from a standard size. Just a completely fitting pattern right from the start.

In the past, this would require the work of a skilled patternmaker to be able to create a base pattern for your measurements. However, Fitting Beautifully is software the generates your pattern at the click of a button.

Instantly fitting patterns!

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